Concordia NCS, Sussex

The National Citizen Service (NCS) is a life changing experience for 15 to 17 year olds and is available to all young people in England, whether you attend a pupil referral unit or a school or college that is state-funded, special or independent.



Judith was commissioned by the National Citizens Service (NCS) as arts practitioner to work with teams of 15 young people to support their engagement and knowledge in the three parts of the core project areas.

The project sponsored by Shoreham Port with its medieval history in conjunction with Shoreham Station are organisations which are central to the area’s development  and was designed to build collaborative engagement with young people and the local community by creating pieces of public art to be exhibited a Shoreham Station in response to their visual survey and informational findings having carried out their research.


Their research included;

  • interviewing Harbour and Station staff
  • surveying the station for final artwork
  • photographic research methods
  • researching and interviewing a partner Charity
  • Collate information
  • Work collaboratively in teams to produce initial designs and a timetable of work
  • Time management to ensure completion of the project to deadline


  • The young people presented their finished artwork, and describe the process of its making during a fundraising evening, of family, friends and commissioning organisation.  The header photographs illustrate the final artwork measuring 3.00 m x 1.5 m. made by the three teams.  the illustrations below of  photographs and time-lapse video illustrate the process of artwork production.


Team 3



Team 2


Team 1


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