Fashion Cities Africa Private View

Contact sheets of images for the Launch of the Fashion Cites Africa.  Kit

Canon 5D MKIII + 50mm

Canon 7D + Tamron 10 – 24

Speedlight x 2

Balcony long shots with tripod, general shots handheld.

JudithRickettsPhotographer_fashionCitesAfrica_PrivateView_02-6JudithRickettsPhotographer_fashionCitesAfrica_PrivateView_02-2 JudithRickettsPhotographer_fashionCitesAfrica_PrivateView_02-5 JudithRickettsPhotographer_fashionCitesAfrica_PrivateView_02-4 JudithRickettsPhotographer_fashionCitesAfrica_PrivateView_02-3 JudithRickettsPhotographer_fashionCitesAfrica_PrivateView_02-2 JudithRickettsPhotographer_fashionCitesAfrica_PrivateView_02-1JudithRickettsPhotographer_fashionCitesAfrica_PrivateView_02-7 JudithRickettsPhotographer_fashionCitesAfrica_PrivateView_02-8 JudithRickettsPhotographer_fashionCitesAfrica_PrivateView_02-9 JudithRickettsPhotographer_fashionCitesAfrica_PrivateView_02-10



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